Empowering Organizations to Achieve the Seemingly Impossible Within 3 Months - CXO OutlookKeryn Gold, PhD is an award-winning business and consulting leader, advisor, and certified business and executive coach. She empowers organizations to achieve the seemingly impossible and accelerate achievement of their multi-year plans by 3x or more within months, driving multiple-fold first-year ROI. Her clients say Keryn is a “resourceful, perceptive, trusted advisor” who “proactively delivers transformational value with relentless compassion — phenomenally fast.” Keryn has revolutionized divisions, systems, and processes at numerous organizations, from start-ups to FAANG companies and the Fortune 50. She enables partners to improve outcomes while reducing costs and accelerating innovation, better engage employees and unleash their potential, and achieve greater work-life balance while delivering transformative business value. Keryn enjoys empowering individuals and businesses to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and accomplish what they once believed to be out of reach. Undoubtedly, she serves as an inspiration to many. Academic Background & Career Trajectory Keryn had an atypical academic journey, starting college at 14 years old, and graduating summa cum laude from a Top 15 university at the age of 17. She went on to earn her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences & Statistics at Washington University in St. Louis. Keryn was first exposed to consulting when she joined […]
Award-Winning Consulting & Data Science Leader, Keryn Gold, Was Recently Featured in Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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